Bible Way Church in Vilnius, Lithuania

Bible Way Pentecostal Church locates in one of the famous areas of Vilnius, surrounded by the big stores, businesses, and appartment blocks. It’s located on one of the most important Lithuanian highway, just across the street from popular supermarket “Maxima”. About 30,000 people lives in surrounded area.


Senior Pastor:
Marek Syrvyda,
Assistant Pastor:
Anatolij Dmitruk,
Assistant Pastor:
Arkadij Ponomariov,
Assistant Pastor:
Česlav Makutonovič,

Church is managed by the Church Board


Our church has various ministries to meet the spiritual needs of its members:

  • Three Praise and Worship Teams;
  • Children’s Choir;
  • “Prayer group”, wich regulary meets to pray for people’s healing, deliverance and other needs;
  • Sunday School for children – we have 4 different age and language groups (Russian and Lithuanian);
  • Youth Ministry;
  • Teenager’s Ministry;
  • the rehab house, where drug addicts, alcoholics, and homeless people live and receive help and healing from vices;
  • the hospital ministry – visiting and testifying in several hospitals around Vilnius and Lithuania;
  • Local Missions – there are several people that travel around the villages and towns of Lithuania and preach the Gospel
  • the prison ministry – regular attendance of prisons in Lithuania to preach the Gospel and serve the believers;
  • the Internet ministry – Looking for God;
  • the social service – welfare assistance to the people in need, feeding the poor;
  • Audio and Video Ministry – most church services are recorded for later viewing/listening;
  • Ashars Ministry to help keep order during church services and meetings
  • the tea service after Sunday morning service.