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Photo albums > 13th Baltic Youth Conference in Vilnius

Bro. Aleko from Riga, Latvia

Bro. Alexander from Kaliningrad, Russia

Look fro the side

Vilnius Church choir

Bishop Anatoly Malashuk from Minsk, Belarus

Youth from Valka, Latvia

Youth from Kaunas

Marius Dmitruk is playing king Josia

During the break

Youth from Valga, Estonia

Youth from Ikhve, Estonia

Youth from Narva, Estonia

Youth from Poland

Youth from Helsinki, Finland

Musicians from Tallin, Estonia

Musicians from Helsinki, Finland

Our friends from Poland

First session - The Kingdom Of God Is Like A Mustard Seed (Bro. Yarek, pastor Cheslav interpreting)

Second session - Birds Of The Sky (pastor Anatoly Dmitruk)

Third session - The Roots Of The Mustard Tree (Bishop Viktor Altukhov)

Youth from Ikhve, Estonia, singing

Youth from Tallin, Estonia, singing

Song in Armenian

Song in Polish

Youth from Riga, Latvia

Youth pastor from Narva, Estonia

Iolanta`s testimony; Valery is interperting

Sisters from Valmiera, Estonia

Minister from Ikhve, Estonia

Solo singing

Bro. Stephen from Parnu, Estonia, is reading a poem

Youth from Helsinki, Finland, in Akropolis Mall
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