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Photo albums > First trip to India by A. Kolesnikov

Pictures of Silliguri, Kathmandu, Delhi and other places.

Home 1

Home 2


Home 3

Garden from above

View from the roof


Idols on the rooftop

Trader form Kakarvitta 2

Different abominations

Prayer wheels of Buddhism

Two elders of Buddhism

A priest of Buddhism

Fixing the roof of a Buddhist stupa

A priest of hinduism 2

Cremation of a dead body of a high-caste man

The idol of good harvest

A priest of hinduism 1

A beggar on the road

Monkeys at the cremation river

Worshippers of hindu gods

The Streets of Kathmandu

Trader form Kakarvitta

Rikshaw from Kakarvitta

Beggar and me

The bus from the other side

Jama Masjid – stairway, entrance

Jama Masjid 3

Mother with a child

Welcoming strangers

20000 can fit in hear

Jama Masjid, Delhi 2

Message in Arabic


Arches 2

Arches 1

Way to minaret

Small guide

Stranger in the minaret

Jama Masjid (Delhi) – from above

Jama Masjid, Delhi

20 Rupees for keeping an eye on shoes

The protector of the dancers

Expensive bronze idols

Five-headed Ganeshi

"Holy cow"

Seller of fabriques

Pray for him, he

Meeting at Kathmandu (pastor Bishwa)

Indian kitchen

Lunch between seminars

Wait a minute, it will be...

An old man

Small market

Happy having some food

Excavator and students

Houses by the road

Worker fixing the main road to Tibet

Mother with a child (Tibet on the background)

Local preachers-missionaries

The Road to China

Between Tibet (right) and Nepal (left)

Tibetan beggar

Tibetan kids 2

Tibetan kids 1


Passer-by on the main street

Making of a kwaji

Do you want to taste it?

Tobacco and kwaji seller


Alex and Sonam


Universal street altar

Tasty fruit seller

Tasty fruit

Textbooks and dictionaries

Looking through the window

The way of the plane

View from the sky

The Room in Kolkatta

The Art in hands 2

The Art in hands 1

Prayer room for all

The Museum of Rembrandt students

Last stop in Shipchol, Amsterdam

Important letter to KLM

Lithuanian plane to take me home
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