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Is rock music fit for church?

Poll started: 02/02/2009

Yes, fully.

Not always.

Rock music as a style is not fit for church services, but there is nothing wrong in itself.

Rock is Devil's music.

There are many types of rock; some of them are fit for church.

It all depends of a particular church.

What is the date when JEsus Chrits was born?

Poll started: 12/22/2008

The night of December 24-25.

Someday in September.

Nobody knows, but it's ok to celebrate Christmas on December 24-25.

Nobody knows, so we shouldn't celebrate Christmas on December 24-25.

Christ was never born.

With what from the listed you struggle the most?

Poll started: 11/13/2008

Regular and long enough prayer

Regular Bible reading

Resisting temptations

Doing the will of God

Fear and doubts

Nothing from above or other

What kind of music do you prefere the most?

Poll started: 08/19/2008

Choir, mellow, classic...

Author's, soulful, with guitar...

Contemporary, popular...

Energetic, rock...

Jazz, soul, latino...


Will you go to HEaven after death?

Poll started: 05/20/2008

Yes, I know that I will.

I am not sure; God will decide.

No, I will not.

I do not believe in heaven.

Do you hear the voice of God?

Poll started: 04/01/2008

No, and I don't believe anyone can hear it.

I believe it's possible to hear it, but i never do.

I hear it through reading the Bible.

I hear it in my heart and my mind.

Sometimes, I see visions and dreams from God.

Sometimes, I hear audible voice with my ears.

How many people you don't love?

Poll started: 02/29/2008

None, I love everybody.

I cannot say I don't love somebody; but there are people I am indifferent to.

1-2 people.

Several people.

Quite many.

I don't love anybody at all.

Does church need a dress code?

Poll started: 01/07/2008

Yes, for all who come and visit.

Only for the members of the church.

Only for certain categories of people in church like ministers or those who come up the stage.

No code is needed but there must be a teaching about the right dressing and looks.

No dress code or teaching is needed.

Should women cover their heads?

Poll started: 11/12/2007

Yes, all the time when it's possible.

Only at church or during prayer.

Head covering is spiritual, not literal.


I am not sure.

Is it OK to bribe?

Poll started: 09/08/2007

Yes, there is nothing wrong in it.

It is better not to bribe but in certain cases it's ok.

It is ok only in exceptional cases where there is absolutely no other way.

In all cases it's a sin.

What do you think about the music during prayer?

Poll started: 08/01/2007

We should either sing, or pray; no music during prayer.

Music can play, but it rether bothers prayer then helps it.

Music can play or not, it makes no difference.

Apropriate music during prayer can help one to adjust feelings for prayer.

I cannot pray at all without music.

What age the person should reach to be baptised?

Poll started: 07/04/2007

From 18 or more

From 16

From 14

From 12

From 10 or less

The age does not matter as long as person believes in Jesus Christ

What is the place of praise and worship ministry in the church?

Poll started: 05/16/2007

Such separate ministry is not needed at all

Such ministry is possible, but not necassery

This ministry is needed but it is secondary

It's one of the central ministries in the church

It's the most important ministry in the church

I do not have an opinion in this matter

How often do you experience God's miracles in your life?

Poll started: 03/27/2007

Never, and I don't beleave in them

Never, but I beleave they are possible



Quite often

Practically everyday!

Could you forgive an individual who killed a loved one?

Poll started: 02/24/2007



I wrestle with that question

I would not know until I am faced with that situation

Is it OK for a Christian to get undeclared salary to avoid taxes?

Poll started: 01/10/2007

It's the employer's responsibility, worker should'n care about it

It's not a sin to do this, because taxes are too high and there is no other way to survive

A Christian shouldn't participate in tax evasion

It is best to get salary the correct way, but its is hard to find such job

I don't understand what you are talking about

Where will you celebrate Christmas?

Poll started: 12/18/2006

Home with family - it's a family celebration

With friends: I will have gurests or visit

In the chruch, the best place for it

In some kind of Christmas event

I will not celebrate it at all

Should Christians be involved with politics?

Poll started: 11/24/2006

Yes, absolutely

Only as an exeption, if there is a reveletion from God

Only take part in elections


What most influenced your decision to become a Christian?

Poll started: 10/30/2006

Attending Church

Reading the Bible

Somebody's testimony

Radio, TV or internet evangelizm

Many things

I have not decided yet

Ho often do you read Bible?

Poll started: 09/16/2006


Very seldom

Sometimes, at certain occasions

1-3 times per week

Several minutes everyday

Hour and more everyday

Is it OK to take part in lotteries and gamble?

Poll started: 08/02/2006

No, it's a sin

It's not a sin, but still not very good

It's OK, but you must know limits

It's perfectly OK

It's OK, but useless: you won't win anything ayway...

Can christian watch movies?

Poll started: 05/26/2006

Yes, you he/he can watch any movie

Only harmless movies

Yes, you can, but real christian doesn't want it and doeasn't have time

TV and movies are the window to hell

Do you paint eggs for Easter?

Poll started: 04/10/2006

Yes, this is the essense of this celebration!

Only because of the kids or realtives

No, because I don't like this custom

NO!!! This is pagan tradition, which has nothing to do with the real Easter!

Is it ok to spank your children?

Poll started: 01/10/2006

Yes, if he/she is guilty

Only when there is an open disobedience (rebellion)

Only in very exceptional cases

No, never

Hard to say

When was Jesus Christ born?

Poll started: 12/12/2005

What do you mean "when"? On Christmas, of course, December 25th

He was born another day, and therefore we shouldn't celebrate Christmass on December 25th

He probably wasn't born on Dec. 25th, but it's OK to celebrate Christmass on that day

X-mas is a celebration of presents, Santa and Christmas Tree

How often do you repent of your sins?

Poll started: 08/25/2005


Very seldom

Several times per week

At least ones a day

Many times per day

Always repent and repent

What kind of music do you listen to?

Poll started: 01/14/2005




I don't lsiten at all

A Christian is going to an economically richer country to make some money.

Poll started: 12/13/2004

It's not good because money is not most important thing

He/she will wither there spiritually

You cannot leave your church!

He/she is doing right - one must take care of family or himself

That's person's business, what's in that for me?

Can you please tell me how was he/she able to find a job and a place to stay?

Does church need to discipline (punish) its memebrs?

Poll started: 11/05/2004

Yes, everytime church deems it's necessary

Yes, but only in special cases like fornication

No, it doesn't, unless there is really exceptional case

No, this concept is not Biblical

This is a method of control in church and therefore is not good

I have a special opinion about this matter

What do you think about the dancing during the worship service?

Poll started: 10/06/2004

It is fully exceptable

Exceptable only as an exclusion (if there is true reason for dancing)

It is not proper for the saints

You shall not dance nor clap your hands!

What do you think about ecumenizm?

Poll started: 09/09/2004

I support it because it brings about the unity of believers

I do not support it; it is not true unity

One can take part in it but with caution

I don't really care about it

What is it?

How many people have you led to Christ (i.e. they believed and were baptised)?

Poll started: 07/31/2004

No one :(






Have you experienced a miraculous Divine healing?

Poll started: 06/17/2004

No, never, but I have seen it in others

Yes, from cold

Yes, from serious sickness or desease

Yes, many times and from various deseases and sicknesses

No, and I do not believe in it

Do you practice the gifts of the Holy Spirit (apart from praying in tongues)?

Poll started: 05/25/2004

I practice them regularly



I don't practice them, but I would like to

I don't believe they manifest in our days

What are you talking about?

How often do you read Bible?

Poll started: 05/06/2004

Every day

Few times a week

Once a week

Once a month

Very seldom


What part do you look forward to when you go to church?

Poll started: 04/20/2004





All of the above


Can women biblically be pastor or the head of a church?

Poll started: 04/02/2004

Yes, she can

No, never

Yes, if there is no (fitting) men!

Only together with her husband

I am not sure

How much time do you pray?

Poll started: 03/23/2004

I do not pray at all

I pray rarely, not every day

Several minutes per day

30-60 minutes per day

More then one hour per day

I pray all the time

Does church have to set up a dressing code?

Poll started: 03/12/2004



Every church decides this for itself

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