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Here you can see the pictures connected to the life of our church.
Album titleLast update
The conference in Vilnius2018-05-21
The conference in Minsk2017-05-18
Holiday of New year with youth2016-01-07
Children's Christmas party2015-12-29
Christmas meeting2015-12-29
Fasado apšiltinimas ir Grindų šildymo įrengimas2015-12-11
The youth hold the church service2015-11-29
Church restoration works in progress 2015-10-262015-11-21
The Church is on fire, 2015 10 242015-10-27
Harvest 20152015-09-30
Water baptism 09/26/20152015-09-26
A trip to the wedding Vingayle2015-09-16
The conference in Vinnitsa2015-09-15
The youth hold the church service2015-08-23
Blessing of children in 20152015-05-18
Easter 20152015-04-14
The youth hold the church service2015-02-08
International youth conference in Poland, Legnica2015-02-04
Christmas celebration in Bible Way Church, 20142015-01-11
Pastor's trip to Russia, 2014 November2014-11-27
Blessing of children in 20142014-11-26
International Youth Conference in Latvia, Riga 20142014-11-17
Pastor's journey to Israel2014-10-01
Harvest festival 09.28.20142014-09-28
Krasnodar 2014 09 192014-09-25
Water Baptism 2014 06 142014-06-14
Youth conference in Lithuania, Vilnius 2014 04 25 -272014-05-20
Pastor Anatolij's trip to Ireland2014-04-10
Seminar for the "Eklesija" staff2014-04-10
Youth Conference in Poland 2014 02 28 - 2014 03 022014-03-04
The Baltic States Youth Conference in Latvia, Riga2013-11-23
Harvest Festival 2013 09 292013-09-29
The blessing of children2013-09-22
Nijole and David's wedding, 2013 07 072013-09-02
Youth conference in Estonia, Narva, 2013 08 09- 112013-08-13
Water Baptism, 2013 06 222013-06-24
Pastor Anatolij's trip to Dublin2013-06-05
"Valio"choir's journey to Italy2013-05-24
The 26-th international youth conference, 20132013-05-22
Easter 20132013-04-02
Youth conference in Poland, Legnica, 20132013-02-12
Festival "The greatest gift"2013-01-08
The 25-th international youth conference2012-11-23
Youth conference in Minsk2012-11-22
Guests from Germany minister at our church2012-11-22
A trip to Krasnodar 2012 09 222012-11-22
Children's camp, 20122012-08-28
The 24-th international youth conference2012-06-25
The 23-rd international youth conference, 2012 04 27-292012-05-06
Easter 2012 04 082012-04-23
Guests from  MARANATHA Church (Brazil-Portugal2012-03-29
Baby blessing ceremony 2012.03.182012-03-21
XXII international youth conference in Lignica, Poland (2012.01.20-22)2012-01-29
XXI international youth conference in Riga (2011.11.18-20)2011-11-22
Artur and Anna's wedding, 2011.08.282011-10-18
Igor and Jekaterina's wedding2011-10-07
Milosh and Avigeya's wedding (2011.05.22)2011-08-23
Sergej and Lilija's wedding (2011.01.29)2011-07-08
Kiastutis and Tatyana's wedding (2011.03.05)2011-05-15
20th international youth conference, 20112011-05-03
Marek and Liuba's wedding (2011-03-06)2011-03-28
Visiting Ireland on 2011 Jan. 14-242011-02-13
Bible Way Church 40th Anniversary2010-12-03
Kestas & Jolita's Wedding 2010.08.27-292010-10-11
Tima & Asta Wedding 2010.08.13-142010-09-27
Water Baptismal Service September 20102010-09-23
Children's Christian Camp 2009 2010.08.01 -2010.08.082010-08-11
Youth Trip to Riga Crown Youth Camp, Jupy 20102010-07-09
Trip with canoes2010-06-14
Baptismal service 2010.06.052010-06-05
Lyudmila Plett visit to Lithuania2010-06-03
Easter 20102010-05-31
17th International Youth Conference2010-04-29
Easter For The Poor2010-04-02
The Life Of Dublin's Church2010-03-26
The Wedding Of Aleksandr And Yelena2010-03-21
Youth Conference in Belarus 2010.03.06-072010-03-15
Brothers' Trip To Minsk Feb. 19-21, 20102010-03-08
Youth Conference 2010-02-23
All-night Christmas Celebration2009-12-28
The Wedding of Alexander and Valentina in Dublin, Ireland, on 12/13/20092009-12-17
The Presentation of Lithuanian Evangelical Unions2009-12-10
The Fest of Crops2009-11-03
Gospel Celebration in Siemens Arena in Vilnius2009-10-28
Children's Christian Camp 20092009-08-31
Conference in Narva2009-08-09
Edita And Ruslan Wedding2009-07-30
Alexander Shevchenko and George Dovidyuk in Vilnius, May 20092009-05-28
2009 Youth Conference2009-05-11
Daniel And Eugenia Wedding2009-04-23
Pastor Anatoly's 50 Years Aniversary2009-04-08
Celebration of Choir 20092009-02-20
Christmas 20082008-12-29
Praise & Worship Night in Helsinki, Oct. 25th, 20082008-10-29
Summer Christian camp 2008 (2nd change)2008-09-03
Summer Christian camp 2008 (1st change)2008-08-31
Balcony Choir From Belorus2008-06-30
Church Guests2008-05-27
13th Baltic Youth Conference in Vilnius2008-05-15
Visit to the "Kaunas Christian Church"2008-05-15
Visiting churches in Poland2008-05-10
United Easter Service of the Pentecostal Churches2008-03-26
Easter Service on March 24, 20082008-03-26
United Christmas Service on December 26, 20072007-12-27
The Worship Team Trip to Helsinki, Finland2007-11-21
The Feast of Crops on October 21, 20072007-11-21
Pastor Anatoly in USA2007-10-27
Children's Christian Camp 20072007-08-17
11th International Youth Conference of Baltic UCCEF.2007-03-26
The Church Life2007-02-27
The Wedding of Maya and Vitaly, December 2, 20062006-12-26
The Kids Choir Visiting Riga, Latvia on october 27-29, 2006.2006-11-09
The Feast of Crops on 10-15-20062006-10-17
Children's Christian Camp, July 22-29, 20062006-10-16
The Church Service on October 8th, 20062006-10-13
The Trip to Latvia on September 25th, 20062006-10-03
The Dedication of the Church Building in Riga, Latvia2006-10-02
The Service On August 27th, 20062006-08-28
Pastor Anatoly and the Family Visiting Finland in August, 20062006-08-20
Baptismal Service on July 1st2006-07-14
The Trip to the Brothers' Rally in Germany2006-06-14
First trip to India by A. Kolesnikov2006-06-06
The Airplain Crash near Paluknis, Vilnius Area, Lithuania, on June 3d, 20062006-06-06
The 10th Baltic Youth Conference in Vilnius, March 17-19, 2006.2006-05-30
Church Building Dedication Services April 29th - May 1st, 2006.2006-05-16
The wedding of Elexander and Renata2006-05-12
Children's Christmas Celebration, December 24th, 20052006-01-10
Church building in Vilnius, Lithuania2005-09-08
Festive service on Sunday September 4th, 2005 2005-09-07
The Oleg and Svetlana's wedding2005-08-20
The Paul and Renata's wedding2005-08-11
The Chilsdren's Camp on Summer 20032004-09-22
Youth Conference in Legnica, Polland, from 1-28 to 2-1, 20042004-03-06
Baptismal service summer 2002 2004-03-06
Youth conference in Vilnius, February 27-29, 20042004-03-04
Youth Conference in Legnica, Polland, Summer 20032004-03-01
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