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09/02/2018 - A worship evening.

Summer holidays and vacations are over. It time to get back to school and work again. We decided that it would be proper to begin a new year by praying and expressing gratitude. For this reason on Sunday evening we had a worship evening service. A great number of people from the other Vilnius churches attended the service, which was very inspiring and worshipful. There was a lot of music and prayer. We did enjoy that precious time with the Lord.

08/15/2018 - A visit to South Korea

Pastor Anatoly and a few people from Lithuania were invited to South Korea to participate in an international missionary conference for the youth. The purpose of the conference was to encourage young people of Korea and Europe not only to study to have a job, but also to enter Biblical educational institutions in order become missionaries.

Besides the days spent at the conference, we also attended various meetings, went on excursions, participated in church services. The highlight of the journey was a visit to the biggest Church in Seoul (700 thousand members), led by pastor David Yonggi Cho.

07/26/2018 - Women's ministry

The church was visited by sister Valentina Lukashenok from Sacramento (the USA). She spent two days ministering and serving to the sisters of the church. There were church services as well as individual talks with the women who needed help, advice and prayers.

07/23/2018 - A summer children's camp

For the church children a long-awaited event has finally arrived - a children's camp again welcomed a noisy crowd of children. One more opportunity to enjoy a beautiful, picturesque place on the bank of the lake not far from Ignalina. Morning exercises, being involved in different camp clubs, participating in the Bible lessons, competitions and games, worship and sermons, singing and praying - the main aim of all these activities was to lead the kids to Christ to be saved and receive eternal life. Director of the camp Arkadiy, pastor Anatoly, coordinators Marius and Julija, all group leaders and their assistants did a great job! Praise the Lord!

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It has been more than six months after the tragic night of October 24, 2015, when fire in the neighbor's territory damaged the building of the Bible Way Church. All the Churches came together to help. Pastor Anatoly spent two months traveling across the USA. Many churches have responded to the disaster in Lithuania. Through all this support, reconstruction work is being kept. So much has been done. The main hall was restored by the time of the youth conference which took place in late April. Although there was still a lot to do, the church meetings moved into the main hall and the Church was able to come together again.
The brethren's room and the lower hall have already been renovated. The kitchen is being under reconstruction. Insulating and finishing works on the building face are almost done.
Reconstruction of a small roof which survived during the fire shall require a lot of manpower and resources, but we’ve got to replace the roof covering.
The construction is still in need of sponsorship and workers. But before everything else, the Bible Way Church gives thanks to the Lord and to everyone who became a part of this service in Vilnius!

02/15/2016 - 15.02.2016 - 4 months after the fire

To begin with, Bible Way Church is very grateful to everyone who has contributed to restoring the church building. Without your helping hand and your contributions it wouldn‘t just have been possible to accomplish what we have accomplished for the last 4 months. There is still a lot to be done, but the progress that has been made is obvious. The church has agreed to put every effort to make it possible to hold the annual Baltic youth conference in April, 15- 17, 2016. We trust that God will help us to achieve this aim.
At the present the ceiling is being plastered; wiring and ventilation works have been done. Painting works are going to start soon.
When it gets warmer in spring, we will proceed with repair works outside; the scaffolding structures haven‘t been removed are we will be able to continue insulating the building and redecorating the facade.
We still need your help.

12/17/2015 - Two months after the fire

At Christmas, it will be exactly two months after the fire. Much has been done during this time. The Lord has miraculously given us the necessary finances to keep the work up. Different churches, friends, strangers and relatives - all donated from their hearts.
God has blessed us with hands. Brothers and sisters from the Church, youth and teenagers worked: every day from 5 to 20 people. It was especially touching that some brothers came to work from far off: Tallinn, Johvi, Riga, Vinnitsia, Lutsk.
As of today, the big roof is covered and insulated, all damaged windows are replaced, front insulation is mostly restored and the screed for under floor heating in the main hall is installed.
A good deal of work outstanding, but we had time to prepare for winter. Praise the Lord! And big thanks to everyone who got his hands on and donated finances for God's work!

11/08/2015 - Two weeks after the fire

Two weeks have passed after October, 24, a day which changed the life of Bible Way church. At the moment the church community has services in 3 places: in the basement of the damaged church building, in the district of Nauja Vilnia and in the town of Lentvaris. The misfortune united people even more. The church members pray and discuss why God allowed this disater to strike us, what God is trying to say through all these cirumstances. We tend to believe that nothing happens without a reason.

For the last two weeks the Lord has helped us to accomplish a lot. The damaged elements of the roof and the exterior have been dismantled, the rubbish has been removed, the premises in the basement as well as on the ground floor have been dried off and tidied, the electricity system has been restored. The main thing was the restoration of the part of the roof that was badly damaged by fire. That side has been insulated and covered with polyethylene to protect it from rain. The next step is dismantling the other side of the roof, insulating it, covering with polyethylene. Having done that we will be able to cover the whole roof with new metal roofing.

Donations are being made by Bible Way church members, by the churches from Lithuania and all of the world, by people of good will. We cannot thank them enough, we are so grateful to all of them. May God bless each of them abundabtly for the good that they have done. We do not have all the finances that we need to restore the building, though, but God provides what is needed at the present stage.

We have had the damage assessed by experts, which makes up 107 000 Euros.

We need:
- Donations (all the information is on www.biblija.org)
- Services of the architector
- Consultations of lawyers
- Help of advocates
- Help of builders who are specialists in roofing and building decoration

If you can help or consult us, write to pastor@biblija.org
God bless you all!

10/24/2015 - A disaster struck our church – the building caught fire.

In the early hours of the morning on Saturday, October 24, the marketplace, which was near the Bible Way church, caught fire. Since all of the market structures were made of wood and the roof was made of plastic, the fire spread extremely quickly. There were even several explosions, probably because of gas-cylinders kept in one of the booths. The fire was so high that it damaged our building. The roof caught fire, the windows split, the insulation blocks got distorted due to the high temperature and came off the wall. The fire brigade tried to extinguish the flames for about 6 hours. Despite the situation being dangerous, our brothers got into the building and took out whatever was possible from the main church hall - the sound equipment, chairs, documentation and literature.

Looking back and remembering how powerful and quick the fire was(the marketplace burnt to the ground), we realise that it was a miracle that the church didn‘t burn down. It was badly damaged, though. Half the roof burnt down, the right side of the building needs to be restored, all the windows and doors on that side have to be replaced. The system of electricity, ventilation, fire-alarm as well as the burglar-alarm system were badly damaged too. Lots of damage was done by water, it penetrated down to the basement. What is worrying is that all of this happened on the threshold of autumn rains and winter weather.

When the first shock was overcome, the church members got down to working together hoping to restore the roof and have the windows replaced before the winter sets in. The roof and the windows were temporarily covered with polyethylene film to protect the building from rain. The building is being tidied, the trash is being removed,the burnt constructions inside the building are disassembled and, its furniture is being dried.
The church is praying and hoping that the Lord will lend a helping hand through Christians, kind-hearted people, the local authorities . We believe that the Lord can turn sorrow into joy.

You can help us:
• By praying for us
By calling pastor Anatoly and saying how you could contribute to restoring our building
• By sending your donations:
Organization: VKB “Biblijos kelias”, į.k. 192071477.
Address: Architektų , 55-1 Vilnius 04219, Lithuania
Pastor: Anatolij Dmitruk
Pastor Anatoly‘s phone number +37060020567
Bank: SEBbankas, b.k. 70440;
Account number LT827044060000918764

We would appreciate any kind of help. Thanking you in advance,
Bible Way Church Pastor

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03/21/2015 - 2015 03 21 Church conference „What is proper for holy people“

The aims of the conference:
• To study the Scriptures exploring the topic of the christian‘s external appearance and proper behaviour
• To determine the place of the teaching about outward appearance among the other Bible teachings and themes
• To come to an agreement on what church people should look and behave like.

If you are interested in the programme in English, email to jasvetlana@gmail.com

02/28/2015 - Seminar „A christian and war“ - 2015 02 28

The aim of the seminar „A christian and war“ was to shape the christian‘s attitude towards authorities, laws and a weapon. Christian Church keeps the teaching of Christ, who said „Do not resist him who is evil“. Existing authorities should be respected and obeyed, but defending a country with a weapon in your hands – is not what Church has to be involved in. A christian is a priest who expresses his love for his homeland praying for the country he lives in, by preaching the Gospel and by doing works of mercy.

02/14/2015 - A meeting with church members having spiritual gifts.

In our church there are different spiritual gifts. One of them is a gift of prophesy. The Scriptures say „If a man‘s gift is prophesying, let him use it in proportion to his faith“. Therefore, a growth in faith is needed. During this service , brother Cheslav shared the Word, church members who have spiritual gifts, shared their spiritual experience. The meeting was followed by prayers for secret requests, which is a common practice while checking the quality of prophesy and the spiritual state of those practising the gift.

02/08/2015 - Church youth hold a Sunday church service

It has already become a tradition when our church youth hold a Sunday church service after coming back from the international youth conference in Poland. They are eager to share their impressions and their spiritual experience. We are always glad to see our young generation on stage worshiping our Lord, preaching, reciting edifying poems.

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