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09/30/2018 - Harvest Celebration

The harvest time has not yet ended in the fields of Lithuania, but Church has already come to the Lord with the words of sincere gratitude. People work in the fields, factories and shops. Thanks to their efforts and hard work we have food on our tables. We do realise that it wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for God. He enjoined the sun to shine and to warm, sent rain in due time, gave energy and health to people so that they could work. We should always keep this in mind. In Bible Way Church on September 30th we celebrated the day of Harvest and Thanksgiving. There was a lot of worship, poetry and sermons. We had some guests from Poland - about 40 pastors and church leaders participated in our service. As usual, after the main service some refreshments were served to the guests and church members.

09/22/2018 - Water Baptism

A second water baptism has taken place in Bible Way Church this year. Five people made a covenant with God. Only one person comes from a family of believers, the rest are people from the world. Quite a number of people came to witness the occasion. God blessed this important church event. Terrible weather had been predicted , but God gave us peace and quiet. After the baptism we returned to the church, where refreshments were prepared. Then, the baptised participated in their first Eucharist (the Lord’s SUpper)
On the following day, during the Sunday service, the baptised were introduced to the congregation and received the Bible as a gift and a Water Baptism Certificate to remind them the about the most important decision they made in their lives.


It has been more than six months after the tragic night of October 24, 2015, when fire in the neighbor's territory damaged the building of the Bible Way Church. All the Churches came together to help. Pastor Anatoly spent two months traveling across the USA. Many churches have responded to the disaster in Lithuania. Through all this support, reconstruction work is being kept. So much has been done. The main hall was restored by the time of the youth conference which took place in late April. Although there was still a lot to do, the church meetings moved into the main hall and the Church was able to come together again.
The brethren's room and the lower hall have already been renovated. The kitchen is being under reconstruction. Insulating and finishing works on the building face are almost done.
Reconstruction of a small roof which survived during the fire shall require a lot of manpower and resources, but we’ve got to replace the roof covering.
The construction is still in need of sponsorship and workers. But before everything else, the Bible Way Church gives thanks to the Lord and to everyone who became a part of this service in Vilnius!

02/15/2016 - 15.02.2016 - 4 months after the fire

To begin with, Bible Way Church is very grateful to everyone who has contributed to restoring the church building. Without your helping hand and your contributions it wouldn‘t just have been possible to accomplish what we have accomplished for the last 4 months. There is still a lot to be done, but the progress that has been made is obvious. The church has agreed to put every effort to make it possible to hold the annual Baltic youth conference in April, 15- 17, 2016. We trust that God will help us to achieve this aim.
At the present the ceiling is being plastered; wiring and ventilation works have been done. Painting works are going to start soon.
When it gets warmer in spring, we will proceed with repair works outside; the scaffolding structures haven‘t been removed are we will be able to continue insulating the building and redecorating the facade.
We still need your help.

12/17/2015 - Two months after the fire

At Christmas, it will be exactly two months after the fire. Much has been done during this time. The Lord has miraculously given us the necessary finances to keep the work up. Different churches, friends, strangers and relatives - all donated from their hearts.
God has blessed us with hands. Brothers and sisters from the Church, youth and teenagers worked: every day from 5 to 20 people. It was especially touching that some brothers came to work from far off: Tallinn, Johvi, Riga, Vinnitsia, Lutsk.
As of today, the big roof is covered and insulated, all damaged windows are replaced, front insulation is mostly restored and the screed for under floor heating in the main hall is installed.
A good deal of work outstanding, but we had time to prepare for winter. Praise the Lord! And big thanks to everyone who got his hands on and donated finances for God's work!

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