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rick rengers

Date: 08/19/2010, City: emmen, Country: netherlands
hello, i am a 13 year old Christian guy from Holland. i came to this site by accident. and i just want to say that even though i live like 2000 km away and its like 2 hours earlier over here, you have my support and my blessing. i am young, and in my town i am about the only one of my age who still has faith in god. for that i was bullied by my class mates at school. me and my parents go to church but i am the youngest. exept for my 2 friends who also believe in god. i hope that my story will encourage you all to keep believing and to not give up. if you want to contact me that is fine. my email is iamthedutchguy@live.nl know i can trust it to you.

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