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Bible Way
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Bible Way Church in Vilnius, Lithuania


Church in Vilnius
  Bible Way Pentecostal Church locates in one of the famous areas of Vilnius, surrounded by the big stores, businesses, and appartment blocks. It's located on one of the most important Lithuanian highway, just across the street from popular supermarket "Maxima". About 30,000 people lives in surrounded area.


Address: Ukmergės g. 263, Vilnius, Lithuania.
+370 5 703795,
E-mail: vilnius@biblija.org.
Bank Account No. LT82 7044 0600 0091 8764, Vilnius Bank, SWIFT: CBVI LT 2X

Services and Meetings

Sundays 10 am: main worship service; Sunday school for children
Sundays 5 pm: prayer meeting
Tuesdays 6~7 pm: church cell groups' meetings (various locations; currently there are 14 cell groups with 8-15 people in each)
Thursdays 6.30 pm: Bible study; church fasting and prayer
Fridays 6 pm: prayer group; worship team practice
Saturdays, 4 pm: youth service


  Senior pastor: Anatoly Dmitruk (on picture with his wife Ekaterina), pastor@biblija.org,
Assistant Pastor: Cheslav Makutonovtish, cheslav@biblija.org.
Church is managed by the Church Board of 12 members. There are also 4 deacons


Our church has various ministries to meet the spiritual needs of its members:

Rock of Salvation church in Kaunas, Lithuania


E-mail: kaunas@biblija.org

Services and Meetings

Bible Way church in Lentvaris, Lithuania


Phone number for inqueries.: +370 670 08303
E-mail: lentvaris@biblija.org


Sunday, 4 pm: main service
Wednesday, 19 pm: Bible study
Friday, 19 pm: service


Pastor: Kazimir Bagdiun, mailto:lentvaris@biblija.org

Other services and meetings

New Vilnius and Vilnius City suburbs - ph. +370 600 20 567
Eishishkes - ph. +370 (5) 245 12 02
Skaidishkes and Rudamina - ph. +370 600 63954

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